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Town Square

A 2-5 player, highly asymmetric game where you play as the NPC shopkeepers! 

Gameplay Summary:

Town Square is a whole new approach to asymmetric gaming.  Each player takes on the role of an ambitious shopkeeper who must manage their shop, create unique items, and battle other shopkeepers for customers as they walk through town. 

Each shop has it's own unique mini "meta" game.  The Alchemist creates potions by chucking ingredient dice, the Farmer produces crops by managing workers, and the Blacksmith builds armor by managing a deck of material cards (etc.). 

Each round, players manage their shop to the best of their ability, and depending on the position of various customers, which can include special "hero" and "villain" townsfolk.   Shopkeepers not only need to create goods for sale, but also generate "Influence" which is then used as a resource to win over customers and get them in to your shop.  

For more, follow the development here: BoardGameGeek Forums

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