A 2-player battle with tons of replay in a single tuckbox, for $15. 

Bloodsport has reached the pinnacle of entertainment. Organized arena combat is the galactic sport of the future. Towering mutants, advanced sentient constructs, demonic princes, mystical spectrals, and a wide range of alien races are drawn to the fighting circuits. Arenas are packed to watch the spectacle, and worlds tune in to cheer for their teams and champions. Welcome to the arena!

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Ophidian Wars is card-based combat game where you build a team of 5 high-performing gladiators. Equip them a custom arsenal, and train them with deadly maneuvers. The team with the last gladiator standing is the victor.

The FLOW of Battle!

New Combat Mechanic: Actions in Ophidian Wars are either positive (+) or negative (-), representing the natural "flow" of battle. (+) actions allow you to maintain control and continue playing further actions. But a (-) action transfers control to your opponent, and the tide of battle swings their way.

Unique Resources:

Gladiators will generate Adrenaline which can be used to pull off maneuvers and combos. You can also gain Cheer by appeasing the bloodthirsty crowd, and use their favor to bring new arsenal items in to the arena.


-Ophidian Wars benefited from three lengthy rounds of non-family beta testing at various stages of design. So this would not have been possible without the amazing help and feedback from volunteer testers.

-All 69 cards have unique custom professional art.

-If you enjoy minis, all 14 beta set gladiators are available for 3D printing and painting, high detail resin, 54mm. Gladiator stats/abilities are directly on the pedestal, replacing their cards if you so choose.